Why So Many Fail at European Roulette Strategy

In this second article, I’ll provide you with an easy, quick, and effortless how-to-play guide, and even more! In essence, European roulette is simply a simple game to play. This is because, in actuality, it is an “odd” or non-even game; that is, it has odds that are far unlike any other game, and can be completely random. It is also, in many ways, more difficult to win. However, players can take certain advantages, such as knowledge of the game rules, strategy (which can be either subtle or powerful), and luck (although skill is more crucial here).

european roulette strategy

This means that there is very little in the way of “luck”, which can make the game much more unpredictable; and thus, much more risky. But it is this ‘lack’ of uncontrollable “luck” that makes the game even more exciting, since every bet has an element of unpredictability attached. And this unpredictability adds another very important element to a winning strategy – the house advantage. The house advantage is the percentage that players stand to gain or lose from a single wager, exclusive of all other factors. For instance, let’s say that you place a number one stake on a red number combination; if you then choose to use a red or black number combination, you would stand to lose this stake, but if you had chosen to go with a white number combination, you would have gained.

Thus, it stands to reason that a successful European roulette strategy involves planning ahead, both in terms of betting options and in terms of the strength of your strategy. Players will often base their odds on a number combination’s placement in the wheel, but they may also rely on other factors, such as the position of the ball in the wheel, or the direction the ball is spinning. In fact, some players will even try to bet against the odds, but this often proves unwise, since if you should happen to hit a three or four in a row, the odds of hitting two or more on consecutive bets become stronger still! The correct way to play is to carefully plan ahead and then carefully plan against the odds. This is the only sure way to make sure that your betting strategies are not based on luck, but on strategy and skill.